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Postpartum depression (PPD) affects one in eight women; however, the risk is 1.6 times higher for Black women.

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The Mama Wellness Foundation’s mission is

to destigmatize postpartum depression, increase access to mental health services,

and build a supportive community for mamas.

Revolutionizing How We Care for Mothers - Together

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We partner with brands that believe in women and mental health. Our goal is to impact 200 mothers yearly by providing access to mental health services. 

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The Beauty of Black Mamahood

Get ready for a celebration of black maternal health and sisterhood! The Mama Wellness Foundation cordially invites you to, The Beauty of Black Mamahood, an intimate panel style brunch held in Baton Rouge on Saturday April 13, 2024. Taking place during National Black Maternal Health Month, our brunch will feature expert discussions on black maternal health, beauty after birth, and sisterhood, while providing a platform to destigmatize mental health and empower black mothers to embrace their bodies and individual journeys.

How We Started

Our founder was diagnosed with postpartum depression two months after birthing her son and she carried the weight of shame and guilt as she navigated motherhood for the first time. From her circle of friends to the therapeutic couch, she found healing in connection and professional guidance. When the world was hit by the COVID-19, social media became a platform for mothers to share their raw struggles. Between judgment and misunderstanding, the founder recognized her personal experience could be a guiding light for others seeking peace and understanding for a condition often overlooked and underdiagnosed. Our nonprofit was founded as a safe haven where black mothers can show up authentically, sharing their vulnerabilities, and finding strength in a supportive community so they can rewrite their narrative. 

Therapy for Mothers - Nurtu

12-Week Cohort Based Program January 9th - April 1st 



NURTU is a 12-week therapy program specifically designed to empower and prioritize the mental health of Black Mamas. Our ultimate mission is to guide Black Mamas on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and embracing personal growth with a renewed sense of pride.

Other Programs

Below is other services that we offer to families. 

Diaper Donation for Families

The Mama Wellness Foundation’s Diaper donation program provides mothers who are at risk or currently diagnosed with a mental health condition with $250 credit of diapers. Providing a mother with necessities can improve maternal mental health and alleviate the financial stress for families. 

Teen Girl Mental Health

In partnership with local middle and high school, our teen programming support young girls through a campus wide community event. Our event is led by licensed therapists to support young girls mentally, personally, and professionally. From workshops about career development to girlhood, we leave nothing on the table. 

Rich Mama Club

Price at $25/month, The Rich Mama Club is a groundbreaking monthly subscription designed to empower mothers facing financial challenges and seeking career growth. Our membership includes financial literacy classes, career development opportunities, and activities promoting mental and physical health.

Why Maternal Mental Health Matters

Studies have shown that women of color experience postpartum depression at a rate of 38 percent compared with approximately 13 to 19 percent for all postpartum
When perinatal mood disorders are left undiagnosed or untreated, the results can be deadly. Suicide is a leading cause of maternal death for women with postpartum depression.
Women of color who have experienced postpartum depression report seeing health professionals yet remain undiagnosed and untreated, even after multiple visits to the doctor.
Studies show that black women rarely recognize symptoms of depression because of social and cultural perceptions of mental health as well as utilizing strength in high-stress moments or adversity—which are culturally sanctioned in the black community.
Women of color disproportionately lack the time and flexibility required to regularly attend doctor’s appointments. In this situation they choose between neglecting their health —potentially exacerbating health concerns.
While the risk may be higher, Black women are less likely to receive help due to factors such as financial barriers, stigma associated with mental health struggles, structural racism and a historical mistrust of the health care system. 

Featured Resource Guides

Get Our Postpartum Depression Fact Sheet

Join us in supporting mothers. Your donation helps us provide resources, free therapy, and. postpartum care to a mother in need.

Get Our Self-Care Strategies for Mamas to Improve Mental Health

Join us in supporting mothers. Your donation helps us provide resources, free therapy, and. postpartum care to a mother in need.

Get Our Community Resource Guide for Additional Support

Join us in supporting mothers. Your donation helps us provide resources, free therapy, and. postpartum care to a mother in need.

How to Support


Donate to The Foundation

Join us in supporting mothers. Your donation helps us provide resources, free therapy, and. postpartum care to a mother in need.


Sponsor an Event

Elevate your brand as a proud sponsor of our exceptional events! Join us in creating unforgettable experiences that bring mothers together.


Partner with Our Community

Join forces with us as we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of mothers. Let's collaborate and make a difference.



Our Facebook Community is designed to build community for mamas through an intimate setting. Come have conversations about parenting, participate in our meetups, ask questions, share your stories, and learn more about navigating motherhood. 

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The Blog

Dive into a world of thought-provoking articles, insightful stories, and valuable resources on thriving in motherhood. Our purpose is to ignite curiosity, spark conversations, and empower readers with the tools they need to grow personally and professionally.


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